Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shanzai tablet of the year for 2010

Shanzai tablet of the year for 2010
Pound for pound the Herotab M802 (also know as the APAD IMX515) in my books has the best performance/price ratio (USD 209.00 at, features-set AND… form factor. The 8” (4:3 aspect ratio) screen looks great and the device feels well balanced in the hand. The only real downer for me is the lack of a web cam.  If you want you can read our full tablet review here.

The People Choice Awards
The people’s choice? If you go by video views as some kind of indicator of what you guys are interested in, a full 390,000 of you watched the Eken M0017 tablet video, another 165,000 watched the 8” Eken video and the even the Moonse E70017 had over 150,000 views.

Of course the best deals will be completely different in January.