Monday, July 1, 2013

Judgement Night (Bureau 13 vol 1) by Nick Pollotta

Judgement Night I enjoyed Judgement Night much more than the first Pollotta book I tried. Bureau 13 is a secret American organization that handles Alien and Occult threats to the the world. The action is fast paced.

The first book I tried, Illegal Aliens, is widely touted as one of Pollotta's best (and best known) forays into the sci-fi/fantasy-humour genre. The plot was intriguing and the choice of characters was inspiring. The humor, however, was overly over the top. I have never experienced anything so baldly hacky before.

Bureau 13 was toned down enough for me to appreciate the hyperbole.

Pollotta was a very prolific author, often writing under the pseudonyms James Axler and Don Pendleton.