Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Food Lab's Top 6 Food Myths | Serious Eats

The Food Lab's Top 6 Food Myths | Serious Eats
A great article for anyone who applies heat to various flora and fauna.
  1. Moist Cooking Methods Give you Moister Results Than Dry Cooking Methods
  2. Frying at a Higher Temperature Prevents Food From Absorbing Oil
  3. When Grilling, It's Best to Flip Just Once in the Middle
  4. Searing "Locks In" Juices
  5. Pasta Must Be Cooked in Massive Amounts of Boiling Water
  6. Salting Beans During Cooking Will Make Them Tough

A little bubble of truth soon lost in the mass of misinformation out there. For example this article from

Cook a Steak - Wired How-To Wiki: "You should only flip a steak once during the cooking process. Of course, the point at which you make the flip depends on the type of cut, how thick it is, and how rare you want it."