Monday, January 3, 2011

Android Tablet Makers: You’re Doing Pocket PC Again!-

Android Tablet Makers: You’re Doing Pocket PC Again!:
"This week CES will finally see that threatened flood of Android tablets.

99% of them will be utter failures, with probably 80% of the ones shown never coming to market at all.

This is so similar to the Pocket PC playbook (no subliminal nod to RIM intended) that it makes me wonder if anyone in the tech world ever paid any attention to that."

I'm not looking forward to the glut of press releases for vapor-lets and cobbled-together prototypes of same-old tablets running generic Android. Besides looking for the bargain tablet for the new year I'll be keeping an eye out for the elusive iPad killer:
The iPad can’t do DivX/XviD AVI video out of the box. An Android tablet should, flawlessly.

The iPad requires people to sync with a cable. To compete against that, get rid of the damned cable. That would be revolutionary.

The iPad can’t share personal items between iPads, such as photos. Making that easy on an Android tablet would be revolutionary.