Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book piracy: Less DRM, more data - O'Reilly Radar

Book piracy: Less DRM, more data - O'Reilly Radar:
"As digital book publishing continues to expand at a rapid pace to meet reader demands, piracy rears its head at the forefront of many a discussion in publisher circles. Many publishers respond to the perceived threat with strict digital rights management (DRM) software. But is this the best solution? And does it even provide protection from piracy?

In the following interview, Magellan Media founder and TOC 2011 speaker Brian O'Leary (@brianoleary) discusses the current state of book piracy, how measurement data isn't sufficient to determine its impact, and why DRM is a poor anti-piracy tool."

eBook Piracy- do DRM and similar approaches help prevent ebook piracy? | eBookAnoid:
"No light at the end of the tunnel:

So, the argument grinds on and on, with no resolution in sight, sadly, and as ever, we, the consumers of ebooks, are stuck in the middle, paying too high a price for our ebooks, being frustrated by the complexities of working with the DRM systems, infuriated by the geographical limitations that simply don’t have any place in the global market that the internet has become.

The few, pitifully few, publishers who have seen the correct way to deal with all of this are a bright light in a very dark firmament of control and distrust, but we need to support them as much as possible, so that the more traditional and lumbering publishers may see the truth and start to treat us with the respect that is our due as customers."