Saturday, March 12, 2011

A tablet from Amazon may hurt iPad 2 the most - and benefit all customers

A tablet from Amazon may hurt iPad 2 the most | Good E-Reader Blog - Electronic Reader and Tablet PC News:
"How does Amazon fit into the picture? Epps believes Amazon excels in the first two points namely price and distribution – areas where the competition is found lacking. Amazon also boasts of huge content to its credit and can make good use of it by selling a tablet at a highly affordable cost and recover much of the cost by selling content. As for distribution, Amazon itself is an online retail giant with a huge dedicated following who prefer Amazon as their destination of choice for buying electronic goods. Another motivation for Amazon to launch a suitable device of its own is the recent in-app purchasing policy that Apple is following and which has introduced some strict regulations on e-book sellers and content providers."

I hope Amazon is listening. I don't like Apple or Amazon all that much, though if I had to pick I'd choose Amazon when the revolution comes and we have to take sides. I Amazon came out with a semi-locked Android wi-fi tablet for $99 (adding features like 3G, memory, etc for pricier versions) and tied it in to the Amazon Book and Music markets then we could see some decent competition and better prices and customer experience for everyone.