Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Booksprung � EPUBReader turns Firefox into… an epub reader!

Booksprung � EPUBReader turns Firefox into… an epub reader!:
"My favorite feature is that you can add a Calibre2OPDS library URL in the Preferences pane (look under “Miscellaneous” and type the address of your catalog.xml file) and browse your entire online Calibre library from within the add-on if you like. It’s not strictly necessary if you’re already in Firefox — you could easily just pull up your online Calibre library in another browser window instead — but in my experience browsing is faster in EPUBReader because of the nested menu."

I'll be installing this soon. I used to use an older version of the ePub reader add-on but switched over to using the Calibre reader because the ePub renderer used by the add-on would screw up links badly. I also got tired of having different copied of books filed all over the place.
Since I want to interface my new Android 2.2 tablet (uPad ZT-180) to Calibre this looks like a useful add-on to be testing out the OPDS library feature.