Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Hour In Hell by Tad Williams

HappyHourinHellFinished Tad Williams's Happy Hour In Hell a few days ago. Its the second volume of the Bobby Dollar series.

Here's the blurb:

I’ve been told to go to Hell more times than I can count. But this time I’m actually going.
My name’s Bobby Dollar, sometimes known as Doloriel, and of course, Hell isn’t a great place for someone like me—I’m an angel.

Its to hell and back again. Dollar digs a deeper hole into the mystery of the deal between heaven and hell. Doing crime noir-style in hell is a bit of overkill. Williams strains to make the monsters as horrible as possible and hell's victims as pathetic and tortured as possible.

The mystery of the backroom dealings between heaven and hell continues and the love interest drama remains unresolved. While the whole journey to the depths of hell and back should feel like a complete story I felt that the book was too episodic, failing to meet the standards of a full novel.

Still, a pretty fun read and hope the next book(s) come out quickly.