Friday, February 21, 2014

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin

BornStandingUpMartin tellingly claims that this is more a biography than an autobiography because he doesn't look on his comedy past as part of his current life. He reads the audio book himself and it is worth listening although he is a bit dull in the first half of the book.

The second half is quite entertaining, with Martin acting out some of his bits. Martin is not boastful, nor does he gloss over the low points of his personal life or professional career.

I listen to quite a few podcasts featuring comedians as hosts or guests. Many have commented on how good the book is, and several have said the audiobook is well worth a try. Its not a comedy album nor is it a roller coaster of laughs and witty anecdotes. It is an important work; an honest look into the life of a comedian who quit stand-up at the peak of his career and became a very private man.

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