Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ex-Purgatory by Peter Clines

Ex-Purgatory The Ex-Heroes series continues with Ex-Purgatory, the fourth book in the series. Clines manages to keep the series fresh and interesting while sticking to the same cast of characters.

The action/adventure aspect of the book is just of good as the previous books. The superhero vs. zombie battles are pretty much the same as the other books but I haven't grown tired of it yet. Breaking zombie teeth on impervious skin and punching right through skulls is still fun to read about. What keeps the book fresh is the quality of character development.

The alternate reality story line gives Clines the opportunity to dig deeper into the superhero characters without falling back on flashbacks. At the same time Clines gets to introduce zombies to the world again.

A fun read with a page-turning plot and characters you have a stake in. Its essentially like reading a superhero comic book but without the pictures and with greater depth. Can't wait for the next one.