Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wi-fi blogging using tablet

I came across the Blogger app today and installed it right away. I've been slacking off a bit lately playing with the new tablet. I originally started the blog partly to keep track of info that would inform my choice for my next e-reader.
My Ebookwise 1150 is still going strong, but a few boot problems and frustration with converting ePubs to IMP format made getting a "modern" reader a priority.
Now instead of looking at e-readers and tablets I'm looking at Froyo apps and games. I'm also reading more.
I hope the tablet will help writing better book reviews. Reading on the tablet is a pleasure but setting up the tools to capture notes and book quotes while reading is proving to be problematic. So far I've set up Aldiko, Dropbox, and (almost) MobileOrg. And now Blogger mobile.
If anyone has any advice I'm all ears.