Saturday, April 2, 2011

e-Reader apps for Android 2.2 tablet - Aldiko wins so far far my uPad zt180 7" tablet running Froyo Android (2.2) has been a whole lot of fun. The resistive touchscreen is not particularly responsive and the battery life is disappointing (2-3 hours with wi-fi turned on). I've tried out most all of the default apps and tweaked the interface a bit (Better Keyboard 8 made typing much easier)

I'm now concentrating on making the tablet the best e-reader possible. There are three aspects of reading on the tablet that I am working on: reading the book, getting books from my desktop, and getting books from the internet. For now I am focusing on ePub ignoring DRM and purchasing e-books.

So far I have installed and tested the free versions of Aldiko and Moon+ Reader. While Moon+ has tons of fun features like themes, textured "paper" backgrounds, and autoscrolling, I prefer Aldiko right now because it fully supports the CSS stylesheet. The pages are rendered with all of the intended formatting.

So far both apps have failed to connect to the Calibre OPDS server. Aldiko calls up the browser and shows the list of books, but when I click on a link to download I get a download unsuccessful message. Moon+ accepts the IP address to the Caliber server, I enter the username and password, but then nothing happens.

I will continue to tinker with the Calibre server/e-reader connection but I will also look at setting up a FTP server on the tablet so I can x-fer books and other files back and forth without having to use a USB cable or popping out the SD card.