Thursday, December 8, 2016

Set This House in Order by Matt Ruff

This is a story of a man with multiple personality disorder who tries to resolve his internal issues while trying to live a 'normal'  life.  His 'house' is populated by over a hundred personalities, the strongest handle different aspects of his life. Things get complicated when someone tries to play matchmaker when a woman with MPD is hired.

The developing romance is complicated by their attempt to control and/or cure their psychological issues. Sensitive, funny and dramatic in turns, Matt Ruff gives us a satisfying story about an uncomfortable subject. There is controversy over whether MPD actually exists, but that need not be of concern as Ruff is first and foremost a story teller, and uses MPD as a device to explore the characters rather than taking sides on the issue.

I've read Fool on the Hill and Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff as well. Both great reads.

Read March 10, 2014

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