Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Calamity (Reckoners 3) by Brandon Sanderson

The series continues with the previous rebel leader turned evil and the team trying to turn him back. I can see this being the series conclusion, especially with Sanderson having so many other projects on the go.
(Is there a point to this? I asked. Yeah. Entertaining me. Say something stupid. I’ve got popcorn and everything. I sighed, tucking away)
All the texting and stupid puns and metaphor manglings makes sense as the books are targeted towards the young adult crowd. The violence level makes it more teen than tween.
Well…crashed it here. Turns out flying is way harder than people think. In the air, I was about as adroit as seventeen geriatric walruses trying to juggle live swordfish.
Might need to work on that one.
In a series where regular folk are the heroes and Epics are villains and monsters I found the conflict resolution a bit too easy. It was probably appropriate for the age range though. An excess of subtlety can ruin a straightforward adventure.

A fun sci-fi adventure very much along the lines of Sanderson's Alcatraz series.

Read 29 November, 2016

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