Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New App Turns a Tablet into a Braille Keyboard - Maybe new i-face for the rest of us

New App Turns a Tablet into a Braille Keyboard - The Digital Reader:
What the team ended up doing was developing an app that adapted to the user rather than have the user adapt to the app. The app is designed to duplicate a Braille keyboard, which has only 8 keys. But instead of having the user find the keys, the app finds the user’s fingers.

Two things:
1. I like this as an example of a device that some thought of as a commercial electronic device that was a gadget without a valid use turned into a something really cool.
2. Its fine that there is now a cheap braille keyboard, but what about me? It would be cool if this kind of technology could be bootstrapped to a new more efficient keyboarding method. My typing speed/accuracy is horrible on my resistive 7-inch tablet. Maybe this will lead to something new and interesting.