Monday, October 10, 2011

Neil Gaiman interviews Sir Terry Pratchett – Boing Boing

An interview with Sir Terry Pratchett – Boing Boing:
it is amazing how all those little things you read in all those second-hand books suddenly turn up and hand you a plot. As a matter of fact I did a lot of interesting work for Monstrous Regiment in lesbian book shops.

Neil Gaiman interviews Terry Pratchett for Boing Boing. Well worth the read as the two of them have a shared history so the usual interview questions get a bit of a different spin.

While at Boing Boing also check out Cory Doctorows's review of Snuff. I finished reading it in the wee hours this morning so I may need a nap before I try a draft at my own review. Needless to say it is a must read for Pratchett fans.

If you're not a Pratchett fan... Whats wrong with you?