Monday, May 30, 2011

Lousy quality control in ebooks - another reason to get the pirate version

Lousy quality control in ebooks |
"The short version, publishers, is this—somebody at your company is running a PDF or Word file or whatever through some kind of meatgrinder converter, and then failing to give it a final proof before slapping a full, non-discountable retail price on it. And what’s arriving in customer’s hot little e-hands are shoddy books with basic errors that are just appalling. As a customer, it is completely unacceptable to me to pay full sticker price and get an inferior product. And I don’t just mean inferior in the ‘I can’t re-sell it like I can with paper and it’s crippled by DRM’ sense. I mean ‘inferior’ as in my teenaged brother could spend twenty minutes reading it and run out of fingers on which to count the really obvious mistakes."

When are publishers gonna get with the program? Used to be you bought a pirated tape or DVD and you expected shoddy quality. These days when you get pirated ebooks you are usually getting a better version than retail.