Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aldiko Signs With BooksOnBoard - funding to keep the best e-reader going

Aldiko Signs With BooksOnBoard | Bookbee Ebooks:
"Aldiko, makers of the Aldiko reading app (for Android), has just signed a deal to add BooksOnBoard, an independent eBookstore, to its reading app. Aldiko users will now be able to choose from any of hundreds of thousands of titles sold in epub by BooksOnBoard, and then buy them and read them without leaving the app."

Aldiko is still the best Android reading app out there. Features aside, it has the truest rendering of CSS of the bunch. I'd like to think that the eBookstore deal will help keep Aldiko free and maintained into the future.

If you like indented paragraphs, non-indented chapter first lines, small caps, and all the other small formatting flourishes we expect from printed books then Aldiko is the most likely app to render an e-book the way it was intended.