Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wertzone: Blackout by Connie Willis

The Wertzone: Blackout by Connie Willis:
"At almost 1,300 pages (between the two volumes), it's instead a massive, bloated and swollen book so packed with filler and minutiae that it's hard to plough on through the novel. The author has spent weeks and months researching the Second World War in extreme detail and by God, every single last bit of that research is going in the novel whether you like it or not."

I read the first couple of chapters last week and have not been able to pick it up again. After finishing a couple of books since then I am still not particularly motivated to pick it up again. The Wertzone review is on the mark with exactly what bothered me with the book.
I may take my medicine and plow through the book sometime later. I'm in no rush.